What clients are saying....

"We have received a great deal of positive feedback from Board members...I myself have have attended numerous seminars and retreats over the years, and found StrategicPlay's unique approach to be refreshing and engaging. I will be carrying the experience forward into future sessions and discussions with Foundation Board members, staff and business contacts."

-Jeff Norris, President and CEO

Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation


"Jacquie led our senior leadership team through a LEGO scenario-testing exercise, which was an excellent and innovative way to explore our insight into the organization's future. The exercise encouraged us to engage differently with the usual list of stakeholders and risks, using a hands-on approach that was inclusive and creative. I found the visual and interactive aspects very valuable, setting the scene for us to lead by example as we evolve into a culture of innovation and collaboration."


- Alain Trépanier, Regional Director General

Public Works & Government Services Canada (Pacific Region)


"I really enjoyed the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® approach to strategic planning. At first I was somewhat skeptical, though happy to play with the bricks. It was quite something to see the LEGO® representations of our concerns and interested parties evolved into in-depth conversations.  It was definitely a useful and entertaining retreat.”

Steve Osachoff, BA (Hons) CIM FMA FCSI
RBC Wealth Management
RBC Dominion Securities Inc.
Member of the Board -Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation


"Jacquie and her entire team made our problem solving session a powerful one. She made us feel comfortable while thinking outside of the box. Since our session, we have since written a book and checked off a few other ideas that came from meeting with her."

-Tara Muldoon, F-You The Forgiveness Project


"Our event was an outstanding success.  With captivating simplicity, the strategic play workshop was a powerful approach to unlock the full creativity of staff.”

-Daniel McGoey, Executive Director
Wesway, Canada




The STRATEGICPLAY® services using LEGO bricks held with my senior leadership team was extremely creative, high energy and collaborative. The workshop's we held seem to really set free my leader's ability to think more strategically and in new and inspiring way's. What really pleased me  was how my team responded. Leader's who in the past were ridged in the way they approached problem solving and mapping out priorities for their team to win, were more open to allow team member's to think about "what is possible" vs. a typical action plan.
Very pleased with the time we spent and plan to revisit again with my team soon!”

-Murray Walberg | Regional Vice President, Royal Bank of Canada


"With the help of Lloyd Smith Solutions and Strategicplay® Cargill Ltd. will continue to invest in our people as we transform from good to great!"

 -Brian Marion
Cargill Grain Ltd.



"The innovative application for Team Strategy  using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® created a level playing field.  Our team was able to clearly communicate about this complex and important topic.”

-Jaro F. Kotalik, MD, AM, FRCPC
Centre for Health Care Ethics


 "Our teams really enjoyed the LEGO® Serious Play™ Team Development workshops. They provided a great way to help us to bond further."
-Anna Sampson
Communications Northern Ontario School of Medicine/
École de médecine du Nord de l'Ontario
Laurentian University



"Assembling 3D models as a strategy for developing personal and senior team insight was an extraordinary experience.  Progressive reconstruction of the pieces provided information about each other that otherwise would have been impossible to achieve in the short-term.  It is an amazing transparent exercise that creates a deeper level awareness of senior team interdependence. Lloyd Smith’s facilitation skills are first-class." 

-Don Edwards
Director of Communications
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre


"The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ workshop on Real Time Strategy helped us identify our goals, better understand our markets, and focus our resources to attain the results we desire. We worked on creating a framework for determining the direction of the organization in a manner that moves away from presumption and toward a unified intelligent selection. We found the process to be valuable and allowed us to move forward collectively with a better understanding of our organization."

-Kim MacMillan
Northwestern Ontario Development Network


"Lloyd Smith Solutions affected our staff positively by delivering programs that were progressive and engaging, as well as by giving them tools they could employ immediately. We are confident that the program developed will ensure the future success for all involved and enhance their capabilities as leaders within our organization."
- Andrew Covello, Vice President, Human Resources & Safety & Chief Privacy Officer
Thunder Bay Hydro

“LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ allowed everyone at the table an opportunity to speak and – more importantly – to be heard. It assisted our local council in building understanding, trust and renewed commitment.”
- Christina Brassard, Volunteer Development Chair
Heart & Stroke Foundation – Thunder Bay Council

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"Lloyd Smith solutions taught us how to work together even though we are hundreds of miles apart. They emphasized our similarities and created a safe and enjoyable environment for us to share our perspectives."

-Joanne Kembel
United Way



Jacquie Lloyd Smith's vision, knowledge and leadership, has enabled us to develop innovative services resulting in the provision of excellent care."

 -Rick Lang
The Children’s Aid Society of Thunder Bay and District



Lloyd Smith Solutions offers a well-balanced blend of up-to-date management theory and management experience that is very well organized, informative and practical."

-Lora Wyman
Manager, Human Resources
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre



"Lloyd Smith Solutions impressed our staff with their comprehensive, interactive and highly informative training sessions.”
-Melissa Gorrie-McClement
Director of Communications
Northwestern Ontario Technology Centre


hree days of hard fun that includes:

-Skills and offerings I can immediately integrate into my practice
-An understanding of the science of play and research that confirms its value for business and organizations
-First hand experience with the transformational power of the serious play methods and materials
-Professional and personal development with a committed group of fellow facilitators
-Less than 30 minutes of PowerPoint presentations in favour of engaging, experiential playful learning!
-Tamara Christensen, IDEA Farm Co-op