Our methods use a systematic process where, together, we create ideas that stick.  Engagement and lack of stakeholder buy-in are often cited as the two biggest blocks to innovation in organizations today. Our process engage everyone. And since the very people who are experiencing the challenges help to conduct the analysis, they are also part of the solution.  When people feel they have a voice at the table, it is amazing how quickly and enthusiastically they will help to implement new ideas to ensure success.


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We might use a puzzle to understand how people and teams work through change. We may use LEGO® bricks to brainstorm new ideas and to create a dynamic strategy. Paper towers can uncover how a team works together and how it innovates new ideas. We may use storytelling and story boards for leadership development, photos and pictures to clarify identity, or use music and dramatizations to help understand your customers’ experiences. 

During the process you will be able to observe both internal and external dynamics, explore various scenarios, and quickly gain an awareness of a variety of possibilities. Since 2002, some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies have experienced firsthand how our Strategic Playroom  methodologies can unlock the collective creative imagination.


When your team is focused on a specific business challenge, working in a strategic playroom can help you reach a better solution faster. And the results will be dramatically different from those of the standard brainstorming and problem-solving sessions. You will reach immediate, actionable solutions to even your most complex problems because people can tackle problems faster and more effectively when thinking visually and in 3D.


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This hands-on methodology is an innovative tool designed to enhance business performance. Through the facilitated tool you will be able to explore the relationships and connections between people and their worlds in new and enlightening ways.




Together we will work with you to conduct the analysis, create unique solutions, and select the best path forward to reach your identified goals and objectives. We use Action Research to facilitate the process and to design and implement the playbook with tools that will ignite your thinking. We form partnerships with our clients and together we create solutions that work. 


You do not need to think of yourself as creative to use these tools; however, we know everyone has untapped creative  and innovative thinking potential.



In many ways we use "un-consulting" to build capacity and enrich capabilities inside your organization:


  1. Gaining full engagement from all stakeholders
  2. Developing more effective ways of gathering information
  3. Identifying trends and emerging opportunities
  4. Improving the ways people communicate, collaborate, and create
  5. Connecting insights to ideas
  6. Testing our scenarios using 3D tools
  7. Implementing workable solutions
  8. Gaining full engagement from all stakeholders
  9. Putting ideas into action


You are right; we are not your everyday consulting company.  You will lose track of time and emerge with your smartest idea yet.





Because it is a hands-on process, the our strategic playroom applications cuts to the core and helps to avoid entrapment in theoretical roundabouts. The result is an accelerated understanding, the kind of learning that enhances our capacity to create.








Additionally, insights made using our hands on tools are immediately actionable. Because the insights come from the people who will implement them, ideas do not have to be introduced and anchored. They can be set into motion right away.










 Here's what our clients have to say:


"The Strategicplay session's using LEGO bricks held with my senior leadership team was extremely creative, high energy and collaborative. The workshops really set free my leader's ability to think more strategically and in new and inspiring ways. What really pleased me with these sessions was how my team responded after the workshop. Leader's who in the past were ridged in the way they approached problem solving and mapping out priorities for their team to win, were more open to allow team member's to think about "what is possible" vs. a typical action plan. Very pleased with the time we spent and plan to revisit again with my team soon!"


 Murray Walberg | Regional Vice President, Royal Bank of Canada



"Our team building event was an outstanding success. With captivating simplicity, the workshop was a powerful approach to unlock the full creativity of staff."
- Daniel McGoey, Executive Director


  "Using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ application for Team Strategy created a level playing field.  Our team was able to clearly communicate about this complex and important topic.”

Jaro F. Kotalik, MD, AM, FRCPC
Director , Centre for Health Care Ethics
Lakehead University

"Using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ tool as a strategy for developing personal and senior team-building insight was an extraordinary experience...their facilitation skills are first class."
- Don Edwards, Director of Communications
Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre

"Lloyd Smith Solutions affected our staff positively by delivering programs that were progressive and engaging, as well as by giving them tools they could employ immediately. We are confident that the program developed will ensure the future success for all involved and enhance their capabilities as leaders within our organization."
- Andrew Covello, Vice President, Human Resources & Safety & Chief Privacy Officer
Thunder Bay Hydro

“LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ allowed everyone at the table an opportunity to speak and – more importantly – to be heard. It assisted our local council in building understanding, trust and renewed commitment.”
- Christina Brassard, Volunteer Development Chair
Heart & Stroke Foundation – Thunder Bay Council

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