Strategic Playroom Fundamentals Facilitator Training

with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ methodology and materials




Register for the next Strategic Playroom fundamental facilitator training session  and begin to offer your own customized workshops using the award winning, interactive, hands-on tool LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™.  Your clients will be amazed when you get 100% engagement and deliver high end results that are faster and better than anything they have experienced in the past using traditional tools! 


You will leave this training ready to offer your first session immediately!  Jacqueline Lloyd Smith, our lead trainer was part of the LEGO® training board and trained and certified new facilitators and partners on behalf of the LEGO® group.  


This training has been developed globally in conjunction with other long time LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ partners who have now collaborated under the open source model to bring you the best training program that is both culturally sensitive and highly effective in almost any business setting.

Payment options available.








August 25, 26, & 27, 2015 (Whistler, BC)

September 9, 10, & 11, 2015 (Toronto, Ontario)

October 20, 21, & 22, 2015 (Whistler, BC)
November  3, 4, & 5, 2015 (Burlington, Ontario) 


 NOTE: Dates and locations may change and new dates and locations may be added to the schedule



In Whistler:

Strategic Playroom
Creekside, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

(and 2 hrs from Seattle, Washington, USA)
In North America Call: 1-888-238-2608
All other areas: +1-778-822-6354

In Toronto: 

Cedar Glen Outdoor Center 


Basadure Center for Applied Creativity and Innovation 



In Canada:

Your investment: 1,000 Canadian Dollars + tax, per day of training

*Price includes:
-a comprehensive training manual
-the Strategic Playroom starter kit
-Data Stick with material ready for your customized branding package
-Graduation and certificate

Early bird and special rates apply for select groups including:
-Full time teachers or students 

-Chamber of Commerce Members
-Members of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants 

-Staff of Charities and registered Non-profit Organizations 
-Groups of 3 or more 


Register now as numbers are limited:

Or call us Toll Free in North America:  1-888-238-2608

Or outside North America at: + 778-822-6354

Cancellation Policy

30 Days before the event and with written notice, a full refund will be applied less a 15% administration fee.


Terms of Use


As a STRATEGICPLAY™ Facilitator, you have the ability to offer facilitated workshops using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and methodology.

Once you register for the training session you have entered a contract with Lloyd Smith Solutions. You can cancel the training and break the contract (see cancellation policy above) for more details. The training may also be canceled due a number of reasons including due to illness of the trainer and if this occurs your registraion money will be refunded in full. Lloyd Smith Solutions reserves the right not to accept your registration for any reason. Reasons may include, but are not limited to, the training is full or the dates are not available.

You can tell people that you have taken the training from Lloyd Smith Solutions and if you complete the training, you can say that you have a certificate in STRATEGICPLAY™.  You can write the words STRATEGICPLAY™ and also LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and methodology but you can not use logo’s belonging to either Lloyd Smith Solutions, Strategicplay™ or the LEGO® company.  If you write the words LEGO® it must be followed by the registration mark.  If you use the words SERIOUS PLAY® it must be followed by the registration mark and both words must be written in capital letters.  The words SERIOUS PLAY® must also be followed by the words materials or methodology. If you use the word STRATEGICPLAY™ it must be followed by the trademark and be written in one word in capital letters.

You can offer facilitated workshops with your clients, groups, individuals or pairs, in person only. You can not advertise the workshops under the brand name STRATEGICPLAY™ without written permission from Lloyd Smith Solutions or STRATEGICPLAY™.

Excluded (strictly prohibited):

No Direct Resell of Lloyd Smith Solutions or STRATEGICPLAY™ Intellectual Property (ask about our referral program);

No Sharing or Training of Tools and Techniques or STRATEGICPLAY™ or Lloyd Smith Solutions Intellectual Property with Non-Certified STRATEGICPLAY™ Professionals (ask about our referral program);

No Online training or facilitating of any kind;

The materials you receive are 'as is'. The language they are in is English. No tampering of original files and formats of manuals or booklets, including word/image changes or additions. No translation into other languages. No printing into format sizes outside of the standard file sizes you are given.

No use of the Lloyd Smith Solutions or STRATEGICPLAY™ logo in any manner.

No putting the name Lloyd Smith Solutions or STRATEGICPLAY™ into a logo.

No calling yourself a "Certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator". You are in fact a "Certified StrategicPlay Facilitator" in the methods of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.  The last training offered directly by the LEGO Company  was in December 2010 in Bilund, Denmark (by Jacqueline Lloyd Smith and Per Christensen). And in April 2011 in Enfield, USA (by Denise Meyerson and Robert Rassmusen).