Management Unconsulting

  • Team Workshops

    We ignite innovation through interactive, facilitated hands-on workshops. We recognize tomorrow’s leaders are seeking creative competencies to balance their critical thinking skills. Smart companies are working with us to encourage and develop the right-brain stuff, while creating leaders of the future who generate top-line growth. 

  • Facilitator Upgrading

    We know that people need to get a high degree of return on their training dollar investment.  Learn to create workshop and training programs that not only ensure that the material is delivered but that people retain what they learn. Trainers, presenters, facilitators, coaches, content designers, project managers and HR professionals, this training and certification is for you.

  • Strategic Playroom FUNdamentals

    The Latin word consultare means "to discuss" or “to provide advice.” We recognize that you know more about your business than anyone else. To activate your thinking processes and unleash your hidden potential you need a consultant who functions like a process facilitator not an "expert". Using our unique hands-on minds engaged processes you will gather information and identify better ideas faster. We use 3D tools  based in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ methods that help you create a real time strategy where scenarios can be tested in the safety of the playroom, before money is spent in the market. We will help you to build your next smart idea that works.