Engage, Activate, and Focus Your Team!

Teams that have a strong, clear, shared mental model perform better and are more productive.  Great teams increase companies' return on their investments and gain more of the market share. Teams that function at this high level share information easily and make decisions quickly and correctly. They like spending time together and value each others contribution.  They adjust on the fly and they work together to help the group succeed.  It is that simple.


"Teamwork" is a term we use; yet many organizations complain their teams are just not functioning at a high level.  So how can we promise 100% engagement with our workshops and team development programs? 



We know that people learn more when they play and engage their whole brains.


So to deliver our programs we use a variety of well researched creative methods. We have created our own customized applications based in psychology, education, business, art and play therapy, and creative problem solving. These engage, motivate, and help teams create shared mental models, where thinking and innovation happen at deeper and richer levels. 


We may use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ bricks to brainstorm new ideas and to create a dynamic strategy. Paper towers can uncover how a team works together and how it innovates new ideas. We may use storytelling and story boards for leadership development, photos and pictures to clarify identity, or use music and dramatizations to help understand your customers’ experiences. 


Whatever your needs, we use design thinking to facilitate a unique hands-on, interactive experience to get both sides of your brain working.  The learning in our workshops is directly transferable back into the workplace. We are not engaging in "team-building" but team development. 

Twenty-first century challenges require a new kind of thinking to activate innovation. We know you need tools that work right now.  Along with creative, hands on tools we also use assessment, checklists, PowerPoint Presentations, video clips, and flip charts during the process. And we always capture our time together through recordings, photos, and videos, so nothing is lost in translation.