Laura has over 30 years experience in strategic planning, risk management and problem solving across two very different working environments. Laura started her career in law enforcement working with communities in several provinces across Canada. This led to a three-year diplomatic position with the Department of External Affairs at the Canadian Embassy in Japan.


The last twenty years Laura has worked primarily in the post secondary environment as a senior administrator helping to build stronger teams, safer communities and fostering positive dialogue. There have been many roles that make up the tapestry of her resume but the common thread running through all 30 years is problem solving.


Several years ago she walked into a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® introductory session full of doubts (let’s be honest – utter skepticism) as to the power of a “childs toy” to solve real problems. Within 15 minutes of being in that session – the cop, the team builder and the Senior Administrator in her realized that this was it - the strongest problem solving, dialogue creating, idea generation tool that she had ever experienced. 

Her goal is to leave a LEGOcy of non-traditional strategic planning and disaster & Contingency planning.