With over 20 years of business consultancy, our team will help you get the effective, actionable solutions you are searching for, no matter where  you are located.

We achieve our results by bringing unique perspectives, approaches, and insights that spark revolutionary thinking. We use different perspectives to engage clients in a powerful style of creative problem solving and learning, where traditional thought processes are suspended in favour of new possibilities. We incorporate whole brain activities, which are used for learning, scenario testing, to spark discussions, and to discover the unknown. And these activities help you create actionable ideas faster.

Depending upon your needs we have right person to assist you. Follow the links to read the bios of our team members.  


Jacqueline Lloyd


Jacquie has over 20 years experience working within the service delivery sector in private business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. During her career, she has worked as a business owner, a director of operations, a management consultant, a conflict... Read more



Stephen is a connector and a natural born team builder and problem solver.  He facilitates interactive problem solving sessions with hands-on minds-engaged tools. Stephen facilitates Strategicplay  sessions using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and keeps our LEGO® Mindstorm... Read more



Rosa es una panameña con  habilidad natural para ayudar a las personas a desarrollar sus talentos, llevándolas a acciones que les permitan alcanzar su máximo potencial de desempeño. Su pasión por ayudar a los demás la llevó a especializarse como psicóloga en la Universidad Santa María La Antigua; tomó una maestría en educación, psicología y consejería de University of Louisville, además se certificó...Read more



Andrea is one of those individuals who is frequently tempted to make corrections to improperly written signage—we haven’t been able to determine if this has ever happened. You can usually find her with a coffee in one hand and a pen in the other, ....Read more



Emma entered into the world of events and conferences in 2004 after graduating with a degree in Communications from the University of Leeds, UK. After moving back to Calgary to be closer to her family in 2006 she quickly jumped head first into the world of production, producing...Read more



Margaret recently completed a 30-year career in senior management with the federal government of Canada. Her work experience ranges from advising Cabinet Ministers on communications change issues, to managing complex transformational projects in a number of large organizations. A native of Montreal, Margaret is multilingual and works globally. By combining research with practice, Margaret takes a “prac-academic” approach in her chosen field...Read more



Ahmed is a leadership development practitioner with a passion for K-12 education. For the past 4 years he has been a management consultant in Vancouver. Prior to consulting, Ahmed managed a highly visible program of operational risk management in fifteen countries across Asia as senior vice president at a global financial institution. He also created a leadership development program and has trained professionals from around the world and at all levels of organizations....Read more



He has over 25 years of hands-on experience in business development, risk management, and community and economic development. His knowledge and understanding of the functions of both the private and non-profit sectors make Doug an invaluable resource. His track record speaks volumes about his skills in building multi-party agreements and in gaining stakeholder buy-in.....Read more



Ben is always looking at how he can help diverse disciplines and domains to collide because often it is through that, that powerful insights and relevant innovations can emerge. Having diverse experience with leading strategy to develop innovation culture in organizations, facilitating human centered service design, dabbling in the arts, community building, startups, disability service leadership....Read more



Catherine is adept at understanding and responding quickly to the needs of her widely varied clients, a number of which have been with her for many years. She has built her reputation for managing difficult issues at the executive level using sound judgment, discretion and creative strategies.

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Walter (Walt), is located in beautiful San Francisco, California! When he is not facilitating LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® you can find him teaching MBA students at Golden Gate University.His work as a facilitator with the Creative... Read more